Alternative to VBS

Terrific Tuesdays: 
9 am to 4 pm ALL DAYS all ages.  Kids 10 and under need an adult to accompany them.

7/9 Pueblo Zoo & Bishop’s Castle
($10/adults & $8/kids, bring a sack lunch)

7/16 Tech Day 
(9am to noon & lunch & games Dirty Woman Park $10)

7/30 Donut Mill & Florissant Fossil Bed.
($ for donuts & sack lunch)

8/6 Pirate’s Cove 
($13/kids & $14/adults, bring a sack lunch


Leader:  Michelle Brooks

Kidz KonneXion      K - 5

Kidz KonneXion meets each sunday during worship.

the children stay in worship until after the Children's Moment and then go to the Bellis Fellowship Hall for their classes.

​Each third Sunday of the month (typically) the Children stay in Worship for Communion.  This gives the children the opportunity to experience Worship and gives the teacher a chance to enjoy a worship service.  Win-Win.