Ellen fenter

Senior pastor

I'm Pastor Ellen! People always want to know what the Pastor “believes in” when people are considering a particular church.  I believe in Love.  Love is the force that can and will change the world if a critical mass of us would embrace it.  All of us have our favorite topics based on our Spiritual agenda.  Mine is Love; and the scriptures are pretty clear: God is Love and when we love we are like God.

I am a wife and a mom; I am a grandmother and an auntie; I am a sister and a friend; and I am privileged to also be called to lead this most amazing Church at Woodmoor. 

We are a lovely community of faithful men and women who are young and old and in-between.  We are liberal and conservative, Republican, Democrat, and Independent.  We are from every denomination you can name and then some.  And we are united in spite of those differences.  Because we Love!

Michéle Richardson

Minister for faith formation

​Hi!  I have been a youth leader for too long to count and continue to be touched daily by the faith and wisdom of teenagers when you ask and truly listen to their impressions of the world around them.  I am committed to making Jesus Christ appealing to the world so that young Christians will want to love and follow christ and so non-Christian youth will want to know and trust Jesus!  Seeing the lives of young people changed by our Lord is my prayer and my passion!  I am also committed to helping parents raise children who will embrace Jesus Christ and become devoted disciples of Christ.

I was born and raised in Southwestern Virginia where I attended college, worked and met my husband, Charlie.  Once married, Charlie and I moved to Alabama (ROLL TIDE) where both of my kids were born.  In 2003 we moved to Colorado and fell in love with the wonders of God's creation this state has to offer.  I like to hike, camp and I LOVE to laugh.


Doug Wasson

Founding Pastor

Dr. Robert Browning

pastor  Emeritus