Teams & Committees

Parish Council 2019

The Parish Council of the Church at Woodmoor consists of 9 members, 6 of whom serve as chair for teams/committees and 3 of whom are members at large.  The Pastor serves as a permanent advisor and the Recording Secretary takes notes for the meetings.

Chair: Noëlle Berry (At Large)

Vice Chair:  Gretchen Richardson (Faith Formation)

Treasurer:  Dick Bump (Stewardship)

Member:  Shannon Brooks (Trustee)

Member:  Warren Knop (Long Range Planning)

Member:  Bob Fenton (Ministries)

Member: Chris Rose (At Large)

Member: Bob Smith (Facilities)

Member:  Cheryl Nolan (Worship)

Permanent Advisor:  Pastor Ellen Fenter

Minister of Faith Formation: Pastor Michele Richardson

Secretary:  Robyn Martinez

Chairs 2019

Worship:  Cheryl Nolan

Ministries: Bob Fenton

      Outreach - Bob Fenton

      Congregational Care - Donna Neuhaus

      Growth - Gretchen Richardson

Stewardship:  Dick Bump

Faith Formation:  Gretchen Richardson

​        Adult FF: Julie Barnes

        Youth:  Melissa Billiard

​        Kidz KonneXion:  Crystal Baker

​        Nursery:  Melissa Billiard 

Trustees: Shannon Brooks

Facilities:  Bob Smith

     House:  Jack Metzger

     Grounds:  Bob Smith

     Columbine Glen: Bob Smith

​Strategic  Planning:  Barb Betzler

Worship The Worship Team, in coordination with the Pastor and the Worship Director, plans and approves all worship services to include scheduling of special events and speakers.

Ministries (Includes Outreach, Congregational Care & Growth)

The Outreach/Missions Team members and the Pastor will coordinate, plan and direct the Missions/Outreach ministry of the Church and inform the congregation of such support.

The Congregational Care Team attends to the needs of the congregation including visiting the sick, caring for the lonely and homebound, and providing opportunities for fellowship.

The Church Growth Team attends to aggregate growth of the church and on-going involvement of potential and long-term members.

Stewardship  The Stewardship Committee develops Stewardship goals, an annual budget, and financial review process to insure efficient use of all resources. It will conduct an annual stewardship campaign to support the budget and Church operations.

Faith Formation In coordination with the Pastors, The Faith Formation Team plans, organizes and supervises the Adult, Youth, and Children’s Christian education programming for the Church.

Trustees  The Trustee Committee is responsible for this property God has entrusted to the members of the Church. The principal focus of the Team is to assure that Federal, State of Colorado, County, and local legal requirements related to all     Church property are met in order to accomplish the mission of the Church. The Team is also the principal Church organizational element responsible for the Church’s State of Colorado nonprofit corporation and Federal (IRS) public charity (501(c)(3)) requirements.

Facilities (Includes House, Grounds & Columbine Glen)

The House Committee is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the Church's facilities and real property.

The Grounds Team is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the Church’s outdoor real property and grounds.

The Columbine Glen Committee is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Columbine Glen Columbarium.

Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning Committee works in conjunction with the Pastors, Parish Council, Trustees, Facilities to plan for the future.

Teams & Committees