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Protocols for Outdoor Memorial Service Gatherings

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Protocols for Outdoor Memorial Service Gatherings at

The Church at Woodmoor

Established July 26, 2020 (updated August 4, 2020)

  • We are subject to the state's mandates and monitor the Governor’s communications as well as those for El Paso County and the Public Health Department. The church will have to abide by those mandates even if they are issued the day of the planned memorial service.

  • All in attendance must wear masks continuously from the moment they step onto the grounds. The only exception is the speakers while they are at the microphone. 

  • There is to be no hand shaking, hugging, physical contact among those in attendance except for among those who are in the same household.

  • Microphones are to be wiped w/disinfectant wipes between each speaker.

  • Distance from stage (where speakers are at microphones) to the nearest seat/table must be at least 12'

  • No congregational singing, a soloist must be at least 12' from the nearest person/people.

  • Picnic tables must remain in the distanced configuration set by TC@W's staff.

  • No guest book or commonly signed paperwork may be used or pens shared.

  • Bulletins must be packaged individually in baggies - no paperwork/hymnals/Bibles may be set out for use by those in attendance.

  • All trash including baggies and bulletins must be carried out by those in attendance. There will be no trashcans in the pavilion.

  • No food/drinks may be served on-site unless they are pre-packaged professionally (such as bottled water or individually packaged cookies).

  • There will be no catered meals/receptions on-site.

  • Individual household members may congregate closer than the required 6' distance. All others must avoid close assembly at memorial table, food table, or other locations.

  • The church building/restroom cannot be used. It is out of service due to water emergency. There will be a portable toilet near the pavilion. Those who use it are asked to use sanitizer spray (furnished by TC@W) to clean doors/surfaces before and after use.

  • A list of all present must be given to TC@W in the event an outbreak occurs so that contact tracing may be conducted. The list is not private – and will be shared with proper authorities in the event of an outbreak traced to the gathering.

  • None of these protocols secure those in attendance from the risk of contracting Covid-19 and TC@W will not be held responsible in the event one of your group becomes ill.

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